Hang On To Your Emotions

Så har nyheten kommet om at Lou Reed og Laurie Anderson har giftet seg. Men i den forbindelse, se følgende live-utgave av ”Hang On To Your Emotions” fra fransk tv i 1996.

How cute is that? I guess they had it coming. (Hentet fra Einstein on the A Train).


4 Responses to “Hang On To Your Emotions”

  1. Per Bäckström Says:

    well. anybody can put it out, and evyrone does. so whats the big thang? this is as useless as everybody else, and hang on to your emotions really is another song. ask jonas…

  2. Erik Steinskog Says:

    Per: Jeg tror ikke jeg følger deg her, i den forstand at jeg ikke forstår hva det er du skriver – eller mener.

  3. Per Bäckström Says:

    yeah, got it wrong, hang on to your ego wasit.

  4. Erik Steinskog Says:

    Ok, så du var i Brian Wilson / Pet Sounds land. Det forklarer vel noe.

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